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USA. scores - 336899 votes. director - John Hughes. Five high school students meet in Saturday detention and discover how they have a lot more in common than they thought. duration - 97 M. 8,5 / 10



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Free Movie ブレックフã‚スト・クa à z. Free Movie ブレックフã‚スト・クà la page. I gave The Breakfast Club a 10 out of 10. I can hear many shouts of approval, and even more of derision already. However, I don't claim that this movie is the best ever made. I gave it a 10, because The Breakfast Club is one of the best movies I've ever felt. When I watch a movie, typically a few mistakes stick out. Mostly things that seem inconsistent, or contrary to the theme or message of the film. When watching The Breakfast Club, I don't notice anything left out, or overdone, or anything that defies the purpose of the movie. This film received such a high rating from me, because it is perfect in its own right. It has done everything it was set out to do, and more. There is no way I, or anyone else, could improve it. Highlights: Paul Gleason's portrayal of a high school principal is uncanny. I'm in my senior year of high school, and I swear the principal of my school learned everything he knew from Richard Vernon. That includes wardrobe. Ally Sheedy defines the era of film making in which she starred. I find it startling that she has so effectively portrayed a social outcast like the secretly beautiful Allison Reynolds, and also the outgoing, ravishingly cute Jennifer Mack, in War Games. I'm running out of words here, so I'll end saying, if you've seen this movie and love it, keep watching, there's always something new. If you've seen it and don't like, stop watching it, you're missing the point. If you haven't seen it yet, you'll be trapped emotionally at age fifteen until you do.

If you view in 720p hd as everything is fine — looking x/f and enjoy. Free Movie ブレックフã‚スト・クa à v. One of the secrets to John Hughes' success was that he never talked down to his young audience, but at the same time he never put words in the mouths that felt forced or inauthentic (I'm looking at you Kevin Williamson. He had a unique ability to hone in on their hopes and fears, and he was never more on point than he was with his seminal teen dramedy 'The Breakfast Club.
It really feels more like a stage play than a movie at times, and it's easy to forget just how phenomenal its young cast is here. Each one is so good, and their chemistry so perfect, that it's impossible to imagine anyone else playing their roles.
This remains the definitive movie of its genre 30 years later. It has proved itself timeless, and a classic.

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